Piers Anthony - Planning

1. The last six months have been quiet—most of the smart runners have been keeping their heads low to avoid the extra Knight Errant patrols since the underground crackdown in Seattle. Eventually, though, work has to come in, the status quo restored. When your commlink rings with a job, you recognize the large grin of your local fixer.

“Aight, so’s I gots a job for ya. A Johnson called lookin’ for yehs, he sounded like one off dem rich types.”

Needless to say, money is short, and so is work. Anything is good money right about now…isn’t it?

2. The Abduction of Piers Anthony
Johnson: -CLASSIFED-

Setting: Bagley Wright Theater. The inside is rather upstage, however, there are several meeting rooms that are used for planning. The Johnson is in room 201, second floor. Inside are three men, all wearing suits, however having no clear distinction who they are representing. The first two from left to right are human, the third on the right elven. All the characters are quite clean in appearance and their demeanor is businesslike. The human in the middle is wearing a fedora, and is the first to start speaking.

“Welcome to Bagley Wright runners. I thought a lovely place such as this would make you all feel more comfortable…the culture if you will. My name, as you might have guessed is Mr. Johnson. I have a little job for you today, a sort of test if you will if you’re up to the challenge.”

Bicson Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Shiawase, is currently in the final stages of negotiation to market a new gene therapy that inhibits the initial rejection of cyberware implants. The drug is supposed to be a low-cost alternative to current immuno-suppressant therapies, and if allowed to market, could decimate the the core of my clients (Ares) business. Obviously, this is a concern, and is where our little team here comes in.

Normally, we would simply destroy their research, but the fact is, this development is more useful to my client than one might initially think. The project leader, Piers Anthony is a brilliant scientist and lobbyist, and it is he who will be your target for this job. It is known that Mr. Anthony is carrying many of the keys to his research, and as such, this mission will be best served by staying quiet about your job.

1. Acquire Biometric Data (At least 3 of 5.)
- Fingerprints – (Located at Biscon Pharm.)
- Retinal Scans – (Could be taken from Anthony or from databases belonging to BP or KE)
- Blood Samples – (Must be taken directly from Anthony.)
- DNA Samples – (Can be taken from Anthony.)
- Paper Records – (Located at Knight Errant Records.)
2. Acquire Electronic Data (At least 1 of 3.)
- Passcodes (From Anthony or BP server admins.)
- File Locations (From Anthony)
- Any Research Data (Biscon Pharm.)
3. If Mr. Anthony should die, payment is cut in half. We’re not looking for an incident. It’s also best that Mr. Anthony not realize the consequences of any of the teams actions. Payment is on delivery of all data.

Other Background:

Routes to Bellevue (where Anthony lives) are currently under renovation, and could cause delays for people getting in or out. This could either help or hinder the team based on their strategy. Bellevue is known for its high security properties. Breaking and entering is not advised.

Piers Anthony - Planning

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