Quantum Flux - Seattle 2072

The Abduction of Piers Anthony

A mere test.

Piers Anthony – Planning

It’s been six months since any real work has been had by our Shadowrunning team, but a mysterious call from a new Johnson seems to break that cycle. Although new, it appears the team has been willing to take on the job, knowing full well that money and viable work is currently extremely difficult to come by.

Their current job? Find and record information on one Piers Anthony using whatever means possible, as long as the work is kept quiet and behind the scenes.

The teams plan currently consists of recon of Bicson Pharmaceuticals and of Anthony’s own bodyguard team. The execution of the plan will be on this day.

Maya is going undercover as a janitor with Biscon Pharm. Casing out layout and possibly getting DNA samples IF she is able to seduce the Head Janitor into giving her the copy/actual magnetic key for the office of Pierce Anthony on the third floor.

Cerberus and Balto are to get disguises and set up a solid fake background for a cleaning company. They are to infiltrate the corporate building on the first mission and assist Maya in the first plan.

Artemis is to gain a high ‘eagle’ point near the down town Seattle corporate building to scope out security patterns outside of the building.

Leona is to be the getaway driver. Easy shit.

And Balatro is going to join a window washer service and work with Maya to infiltrate the corporate building by effectively breaking Anthony’s office window which is going to give the janitor (Maya) the reason to go clean Anthony’s office.



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