Quantum Flux

Objectives change. Your short average lifespan doesn’t, chummer.

They say there as many reasons to become a shadowrunner as there are shadowrunners themselves. Whether it be through a sudden downturn in the economy, through the need for survival, prestige or money, or simply for the sheer challenge and adrenaline rush they get by running the job. Whatever the reason is, these people represent the ‘flux’ in the quantum…the system by which the UCAS and all of society now lives by. Sometimes they are heroes, and other times, they kill mercilessly and without warning.

Whatever the job, risk equals reward. Will you take the role of a courier? Running simple messages between fixers or Johnsons? Or do you know today is a good day to die, and take the massive payoff that may come with the expense of your own life? Your choice, however unnoticed by the community at large can change entire nations.

So how about it, chummer? I’ve got a job waiting on the wire for you. It won’t stay forever.

Quantum Flux is a Shadowrun 4th edition campaign set in the dark future streets and corridors of Seattle 2072. The runners may or may not be running by necessity, but they have chosen this path to accomplish many a goal for themselves, and in turn, the darker and more…discreet goals of Seattle’s big wigs and the UCAS.

Character Generator: SR4CG
Character Sheet: SR4 Long Form Sheet

Quantum Flux - Seattle 2072

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